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Gilgal serves single women over the age of 18 who come from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds.  Crack, Alcohol and Meth are the top three drugs of choice for Gilgal women.

Christ-Centered, Long-Term, Recovery Residence

Gilgal operates three residential recovery homes, as well as one administrative building. Each facility is equipped and staffed to aid women in their recovery and transition to independent living. Gilgal women receive individualized assessments, comprehensive case management, and ongoing programming and support services in a clean, safe environment. We also provide them with the basic essentials (food, clothing, housing), as well as biblical enrichment to support their spiritual growth.

Our Recovery Programs


Life Exchange Center

During the healing phase women who are battling drug/alcohol addiction stay in The Life Exchange Center.

This phase is typically four to six months and is highly structured. The residents receive individual assessments and case management plans. In addition to life skills classes, health and wellness education, family reunification, relapse prevention and workforce development, they also participate in group and individual counseling, Bible study, and personal reflection. Women also receive ongoing medical and mental health services through valued community partnerships.

The goal of the healing phase is to assist women in breaking the cycle of defeat that led to their drug and alcohol addiction, and help them exchange it for victorious living through Christ Jesus.

Back to Work:

Homeward Bound

Women who successfully complete the first phase, move to our second residential home and enter our Homeward Bound program.

This phase is designed to mimic independent living and is for individuals ready to begin looking for work. Residents continue group and individual classes as they prepare to enter the workforce, and are encouraged to build an outside accountability network to support them once they leave Gilgal. During this phase, women will work with the workforce development team to secure a job paying a living wage. They will also open a checking/savings account, begin paying outstanding debt, and work with their case manager to secure stable housing as a requirement for graduation.

Life in Recovery:

Higher Ground

Recovery does not end when a resident graduates from Gilgal. Clients are more likely to be successful in maintaining a sober lifestyle if they are involved in recovery activities on a long term basis.

Gilgal operates a third home called Higher Ground that offers graduates a supportive environment to transition to independent living. Residents work with the case management and workforce development staff to complete certifications and training, save money, and increase earning potential that will position them for long-term success.

Workforce Development

Since inception, one of Gilgal’s primary goals has been to assist women in securing gainful employment making livable wages. It’s not just about finding a job. It’s about enjoying a career that ignites their God-given talents and passions and enhances their overall earning potential. We’re currently accomplishing our goal through our internal Workforce Development program. True to our mission to Educate, Equip and Empower residents, Gilgal staff and volunteers work hand-in-hand to provide weekly job readiness classes, personalized case management, and ongoing assessments and coaching to evaluate and intentionally address individual barriers to employment and long-term stability.


Individual Needs Assessment
and Goal Setting

The first step in the process is to determine overall client needs and develop personalized strategies to address them. We do this through:

  • Client Intake to Determine Baseline Needs
  • Barriers to Employment Evaluation (Assessing 51 areas in 14 categories)
  • Skills, Education and Training Assessments
  • Goal Setting, Career Planning and Case Management Plan


Professional and Interpersonal
Skills Development

Gilgal residents receive weekly job readiness and life skills development classes to enhance professional and interpersonal skills. They include:

  • Resume Development and Job Search Assistance
  • 30 Second Elevator Speech and Interviewing Techniques
  • Dress for Success and Individual Job Coaching
  • Education Enhancement and Specialized Training
  • Career Fair Participation (On-site and Thru Community Partners)
  • Business Etiquette, Effective Communication & Social Media Protocol


Career Training, Employer Networking and Vocational Support Services

Gilgal provides clients with career advancement opportunities through strong employer partnerships, educational connections and ongoing vocational support services.

To learn more, contact our office by calling 404-305-8007 or sending an email to info@womenofgilgal.org.

Admission Requirements


We serve women only; no children. We want our clients to focus 100% on their recovery.


Clients must be homeless and addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.


Clients must be at least 18 years old and mentally and physically able to work a rigorous program.


Controllable mental health diagnosis is NOT a barrier to admission.


Clients must detox before entering the program.


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*Gilgal does not discriminate based on religion, race, sexual preference, or HIV/AIDS status.

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