COVID-19 Has Not Changed Our Mission: Jasmine’s Story
April 20, 2020

Jasmine T:   Grateful for Gilgal

For the past 15 years, Gilgal has served homeless women with drug and/or alcohol addictions.  COVID-19 has not changed our mission.  We are still a 24/7 operation and our Board and staff are working tirelessly to ensure seamless continuity in client programming and critical services.  Our Phase 1 (non-working) clients are sheltering in place while working their program.  Our Phase 2 (working) clients in essential jobs are riding MARTA to work daily. Clients in non-essential jobs have been laid off of work or have had their hours drastically reduced.  But, that does not change their resolve.

Read Jasmine’s Story:

Jasmine T., age 31 and mother of two has been at Gilgal four months.  Alcohol was Jasmine’s drug of choice.  She has been drinking nonstop since the age of 21.  Jasmine says that she got to a point where “my way” wasn’t doing anything for her life, so she wanted to give God a chance.  Jasmine came to Gilgal after a drinking binge and an attempted suicide.

Today Jasmine feels like life has purpose; she can see light at the end of the tunnel.  “It is hard work, but I am willing.  I really want sobriety.  I feel stronger, fearless, and hopeful.  I set the bar for myself really low when I was in my addiction, but, with God on my side, I feel like I can really accomplish things. “

She was not expecting COVID-19 when she arrived in November 2019.  “Everyone has been adaptable and flexible, and it has been nice getting to know one another.  It has been a productive time.”

And Jasmine is looking beyond COVID-19 and forward to completing Gilgal, “I want to work in law enforcement after my time at Gilgal.  Thank you for your investment in Gilgal.  Without you, my life would be totally different.  I am blessed to be at Gilgal.”

We remain committed to God’s call of restoring homeless women with addictions.  Thank you all for partnering with us.  Change Happens at Gilgal and you are a part of it!

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