Happy Mother’s Day – Diane C. and Lauryl W.
May 9, 2022

         My name is Diane C.                         

Last year this time, I had no hope. My husband had passed, and I had nothing to live for. I had no plans to kill myself, but, I did not want to live. I would watch movies where a woman would be dying, and I prayed that would be me. In fact, that would be the only time I prayed.

I was drinking every day. That was the only way I could cope.  It helped take the pain away. I got a job at a local retailer. Even that was difficult because I had to be sober to work. Eventually, I just stopped going because it was just too difficult to stay sober.

When I got to Gilgal, I was a mess. It hurt too much staying sober. No will to live at all. I had no strength at all. I could not even stand for 20 minutes during the morning Praise and Worship.

I was surrounded by nothing but love at Gilgal. From the staff, the volunteers, the other ladies, and most importantly, the Lord. One day I woke up wanting to wake up. I started to look forward to living, not dying. My prayers to the Lord were thanking Him, not praying to die. I suddenly had hope again.

I am back with my former retail employer. They gave me a second chance. I walk to work every day, followed by being on my feet for 7 hours. I am exhausted and could not love it any more. Without the Lord and Gilgal, I would not be alive today.  I am sober, happy, have hope, and most importantly, I have the Lord in my heart. 

Happy Mother’s Day to you!  Thank you for your support of Gilgal.   Change Happens at Gilgal and I am living proof!

My name is Lauryl W.             

I am a 23-year-old mother of a beautiful young son.  For the past several years, I have been lost and broken. I was searching for a savior in everything worldly, so, it was a surprise to me when God found me right where I was. At the time, I was in active addiction and not even seeking help.  I knew I needed it. God knew I needed it.  I was led to Gilgal. 
Since I’ve been here, my perspective and desires have changed. I have a brand-new outlook on life. Today, I have a Savior and His name is Jesus. Today, I’m considered worthy because of my relationship with Christ.  Today, I am grateful have a good job.  I want to be successful wherever God may take me. 
Gilgal isn’t just a one-year program for me, this is a lifestyle change. This is a journey to a life that leads to eternity. Before Gilgal, I never saw myself reunited with my son, but today, I can see a future with him. I am excited to embrace motherhood.  My plans are to work towards having him with me full time.  Today, I want to raise him to know Jesus Christ just as I’ve come to know Him. I would like to guide my son to a good life.

I am overwhelmingly grateful for all the opportunities God has set before me.  Change happens at Gilgal and my life is an example.