FAITHFUL: Adrienne Sherwood – Gilgal Volunteer
March 8, 2020

Meet Adrienne Sherwood 


My name is Adrienne Sherwood, and I have been married for 4 years to my husband Chris.  Together we have a son named Harrison.  My father is a pastor at Church of the Apostles here in Atlanta, which is how I learned of Gilgal. 

In 2010, for a few years right after college, my family would serve breakfast on Christmas morning to the ladies of Gilgal.  It was so nice to hear their stories and do relaxing things like puzzles with them.  During this time, we would also bring lunch on Easter to the ladies.  My sister also got involved and decorated the rooms in the residences in 2014.

The most meaningful experience I had with Gilgal, however, came later when I would come weekly for about a year and a half and do a morning meditation with the ladies.  This was the most fulfilling and life-giving experience I have ever had as a volunteer.  By God’s grace, I felt like I was able to journey with the women and influence their thinking.

Through my time with these women, I gained insight into the impact that Gilgal makes.  The ladies were so aware of their needs and so open to change.  We shared rich conversation.  I came to know that we are all human and equal to one another, and we see the Lord’s work through each and every one of us.  We are all peers at the foot of the cross.

As I got to be close with the ladies each week, I had to prayerfully consider that I might not see some of them again — and that was hard.  But the weekly continuity of being with them was special and they seemed to really enjoy seeing my familiar face.

To someone considering Gilgal, I would simply say that the ministry reaches women who society has forgotten about.  Gilgal recognizes that God unashamedly hasn’t forgotten about them.   I have a huge heart for Gilgal, but I know God’s heart for the women served there is even bigger!

Thank you Adrienne for your faithfulness to serve at Gilgal.  You have been a vital part of our Gilgal story, and we are eternally grateful.

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Change Happens at Gilgal.  Thank you for being a part of it!

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