FAITHFUL: Charles McCord, Gilgal Volunteer
April 15, 2020

Meet Charles McCord 


My name is Charles McCord, I served 6 years as a junior officer in the U. S. Army.  After leaving the Army, I switched uniforms and began my career at IBM and worked there for 28 years. I started at the IBM office in the Boston suburb of Waltham where I met my wife Donna.  We eventually transferred to Atlanta.

Donna and Val Cater, Gilgal’s Founder, knew each other through IBM training classes they had attended together in the early 1980s.  When Val was bringing Gilgal to life in 2005, she asked Donna to come to an exploratory Board meeting to hear her Gilgal vision.  Donna asked if I would drive her there since she was unfamiliar with the area.  I, of course, agreed, and soon after was also serving on the Board.

Later, Val asked me to lead a bible study. I shared with her that I was clueless and had only had my own Bible for about 6 years. But I told her I would ‘pray on it.’  I reminded the Lord that I wasn’t equipped for this task, and much to my surprise, the Lord said ‘perfect.’  Val told me from the beginning that it was important for the ladies to begin having positive males come into their lives. I was probably the first to hear Val say ‘have a YES in your spirit.’

The weekly Bible study turned out just fine.  And I even helped early on as an unofficial Gilgal handyman, fixing toilets and shelving.  I learned that I could always trust God to show me the way. He has faithfully been doing just that during my 15 years volunteering at Gilgal.

Gilgal is unlike any of my other volunteer experiences.  Residents live together in a small, Christ-centered and personal setting. The ministry has served over 700 women since it opened its doors, so I have seen a lot of women come and go. But each one has a name and a story. They could be your sister, your mother or your daughter.

I would encourage anyone looking for a place to serve to give Gilgal a try. The opportunities are endless and the rewards great. I thought I was going there to drop off my wife!  But it was so much more than that.  I get to share my faith and my struggles as I teach them about Christ.  But I have also found that He teaches me far more about myself and His never-ending love and faithfulness. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve Him at Gilgal.

Gilgal is eternally grateful for loyal servants like Charles McCord, who is our longest serving volunteer. If he isn’t teaching a bible study or leading job readiness, he can be found dropping off coffee and donations, encouraging staff members or enlisting others to invest their time and resources into what God is doing at Gilgal.

Thank you Mr. Charles for your faithfulness!  Change Happens at Gilgal and You are a Part of It!  

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