MINISTRY UPDATE: Change Happens at Gilgal But God Remains FAITHFUL
July 24, 2020
Cora F in her car

July 2020

Change Happens. That is certainly true now more than ever.  But at Gilgal, we embrace it, because we know that through it, God’s faithfulness is proven, and His promises fulfilled.

And, while many may linger in uncertainty about what our current environment will bring next, the Gilgal residents, staff, and volunteers remain committed to embracing the change and making the most of this new way of living.

COVID-19 has not stopped the faithfulness of God at Gilgal.  Things may look different and our delivery may have changed – but our resolve and our purpose has not.  We remain intentional as a Christ-centered, long-term, recovery residence committed to restoring homeless women with addictions.

Our staff are bringing in new women in a safe, structured way, and are working cohesively with residents to keep their recovery on track.  We continue with modified programming thanks to faithful volunteers, and we even held our first virtual volunteer orientation which brought in new partners who are passionate about our mission.

Since March, we have held two Gilgal graduations – Jennifer H. and Porsha W.  Mind you, with the “Shelter in Place” orders, we had to get creative with our social distancing and group guidelines.  Going from over 75 guests, down to fewer than 10 (staff and residents only) was different.  But the meaning of the occasion never wavered, and through it, we learned the value of what matters most.

For our working women, the challenge has been real.  Take Veronica D. for instance.  You may remember her from our 2019 Blue Jean Gala.  She and Jennifer H. shared their similar and lengthy struggles with alcohol that detoured their professional nursing careers.

Despite a temporary layoff in April, Veronica has remained faithful to her recovery.  During her period of unemployment, she didn’t give up. She put her healthcare expertise into action to fill a void in programming when the Georgia State Nurses were unable to continue with onsite classes.

Veronica wholeheartedly picked up the torch and taught health and wellness to the phase one residents.  This weekly class culminated in a certificate of completion ceremony that included her homemade chicken alfredo for her faithful students!  Talk about resiliency.

When it would have been easy to become discouraged and give up, Veronica has stayed focused on making the most of her time.  She plans to relocate to Philadelphia upon graduation and continue her nursing career there. She has already met most of the requirements from the state board of nursing to regain her license, even completing the required continuing education classes online.

Veronica has recently returned to work, has been saving her money, and is researching places to live when she moves.  Her real dream is to begin a ministry she says God laid on her heart years ago called, “Serve a Soul – Save a Soul.” She wants to use her passion for cooking to share the love of Christ with those in need.  “Giving back what I have been given is important to me,” she says.

Ultimately, Veronica recognizes that the greatest gift God has given her through Gilgal was time to know Him.  “I knew a lot about God before Gilgal,” she states, “but now I have an intimate relationship with Him.  I have a joy and peace that I have never known. I thank God for bringing me to Gilgal, and I hope I can continue to support the ministry even after relocating.”

Yes, a lot has changed for us at Gilgal. Our annual fundraiser will also look different from last year. We are making plans now for our 2020 “Virtual” Blue Jean Gala.  Our excitement is growing over this new opportunity to introduce Gilgal to a broader audience as we celebrate 15 years of God’s faithfulness.  Details are coming soon, so stay connected by following us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Thank you all for your kindness to us.  Please stay safe and remember:  Change Happens at Gilgal — and is happening all over the world — but our God is FAITHFUL.

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