Thank You Pastor Boyer and God’s Chosen Ministries
July 16, 2020
Cora F in her car

We are so grateful to Pastor Boyer and her team at God’s Chosen Ministries/Faith Seed International for their continued love and support to our Gilgal women.

Pastor Boyer and her daughter Consuela have been giving and serving at Gilgal for several years. Some of their activities for the women have included hosting a talent show, teaching art lessons, playing games and bringing wonderful meals. They have also donated generous amounts of much needed items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and gift baskets overflowing with personal hygiene items and special treats.

Their most recent donation to Gilgal included beautifully gift-wrapped baskets full of goodies, as well as supplies for the residences. We are so grateful to this special group of women who love on our residents.

Change Happens at Gilgal because of FAITHFUL volunteers and partners like Pastor Boyer!

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